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People of The Link Community

Whether it’s bringing families together, walking alongside on a healing journey that might take years, taking those early steps from adolescence to independence and adulthood, or crisis intervention, these are just a few examples of why we do what we do and who we do it for.


“After working at Velotecha, I developed new skills, I know more things about bikes than I ever thought I would. I know a whole other trade now and I helped to build a business.” Read more “Darius”


“The people and programs at The Link gave me the chance to envision a different future for myself and my family.” Read more “Casey”


“The drum group helped me realize that together, we help each other grow and we give each other strength.” Read more “Jordon”



“I couldn’t have done it without my foster parents.” Read more “Michelle”


Loretta & Tom

“The best part about fostering is when a child comes to you and says ‘I love you.'” Read more “Loretta & Tom”

Loretta & Tom

Mobile Crisis Team Stats for 2022-23

Youth Engagement Survey - 2023