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A Career that Makes a Difference

Help Manitoba youth grow strong and resilient while enhancing your own personal and professional growth. We are seeking candidates with strong character and a clear vision for a brighter future; people of action who can help youth soar to new heights in resilience and potential. Guided by the principles of love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility and truth, you are a mentor, a role model and a caregiver.

For more than 90 years The Link has helped youth & families on a journey to healing, hope & better lives. We are dedicated to walking alongside children, youth and families as an inclusive community, strengthening and empowering a sense of being, pride and purpose. With over 15 diverse programs, The Link has a community of caring staff that work together to provide support through a 24-hour crisis line, youth resource centres, emergency shelters, mobile crisis teams, specialized foster care, healing homes, job readiness supports and Skills4Life. With a strong foundation within the community and a focus on connection, unity and compassion, the organization provides a vital link for youth and families in the province of Manitoba.

We’re always looking for motivated and dedicated individuals, steadfast in their desire to help support a wide range of Indigenous and culturally diverse youth and their families.

If you think working at The Link is right for you…

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We are always looking for motivated and dedicated individuals, to help support a wide range of Indigenous and culturally diverse youth and their families.


There are a couple of ways you can volunteer with The Link!

Student Practicums

The Link offers practicum opportunities for students through various programs relating to youth care, social work, clinical supports, human resources, administration, accounting and payroll.

Al manages The Link’s Social Enterprises, Mayfair Innovations and Velotecha, and in addition, he manages (in partnership with Kyle Coronia) the Maintenance Department for the organization.

He has been working for The Link for over 10 years, and in that time he worked front line with Independent Living with Supports (ILS) and in our Healing Homes. While in ILS, Al transitioned over to Mayfair Innovations, which then became grouped with Maintenance. 

What advice would you give recent/new hires?

The best advice I can share is that when we work with young people…we are like gardeners. We work the soil, plant new seeds, water and sometimes pull weeds. If we are lucky and as we care for our gardens and build relationships with the youth in our lives, we might be able to see a flower bloom from a seed someone else planted that we have helped nurture. And if we work long enough with the same person we may even see a flower bloom that we planted.

What do you like most about your job?

The opportunity to give youth a chance at employment and learning new skills that they can apply in their future endeavours.