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Life Train

About Life Train

The Life Train program helps young adults ages 18-29 develop preemployment and job searching skills.

Participants receive training, counselling and access to resources to help the individuals successfully gain employment.

The objectives of the program include:

  • Enhance participants’ skills and gain employment
  • Achieve basic needs, such as housing, medical, legal or CFS issues; as well as income assistance
  • Re-engage with the community

The Focus of the program:

The Life Train case managers use an individual centered, holistic, strengths-based approach in their assessments and career planning.

The focus of the program is on building trusting relationships and connections with the youth to meet their individual needs.

The program also provides assistance with:

  • Cover letters
  • Interview Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Access to computers and the internet


Participants can self-refer to Life Train through EIA or they can be referred by collaterals from other agencies.

Participants in the program are often young people who are facing barriers such as poverty, unstable living situations, mental illness or addiction.

Participants in the program may face barriers to employment due to lack of previous employment experience or education.

This program is for motivated individuals, who are interested in pursuing work, may be facing barriers and just need the extra support to get there!

Email us for more information: lifetrain.general@thelinkmb.ca

Funding provided by the Manitoba Government