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Community Support Services

We are here to support you.

The Link: Youth and Family Supports offers a range of FREE services to help stabilize youth and families in times of crisis and improve your long-term strength, resilience and well-being. Our goal is to help keep families together, surrounded by an extended community of support.

Mobile Crisis

Please call us at 204-949-4777 or 1-888-383-2776

Mobile Crisis Teams support youth and families with safety and mental health concerns, parent/child conflict and behaviour management wherever crisis is occurring, whether at home, in hospital, at school or elsewhere in the community.

Gang Life is No Life

Getting out of a gang isn’t easy or simple. But others have gotten out and you can too. When you text us, there are people waiting 24/7 to help you find your way out.

Text for Support

The Link has a text line for youth!

If you or someone you know is struggling, text 204-900-6010 for confidential support.

We’re here for you 24/7. You’re not alone.

Heart to Home

Heart to Home provides safe and loving foster homes where children and youth ages 21 and under are nurtured and wrapped in critical supports that help them thrive and stay connected to their families, culture and communities.

Healing Homes

The Link has community group homes in Winnipeg and Thompson that offer youth ages 10 to 17 safe spaces, compassion, one-on-one support and specialized therapy to help with emotional, behavioral, social and/or medical needs that require higher levels of support, supervision and intervention.

Caring Connections Home

The Caring Connections Home is a new initiative that started with the support of the Department of Families in September 2022.

The goal is to preserve or reunify families. Referrals are accepted from agencies or families.

Rebuilding Connections

Rebuilding Connections is a program where The Link works with Child and Family Services in Manitoba.

Our goal is to help children in care and their biological families by offering supports and helping them succeed in reunification.

Kent Road Lodge

Kent Road Lodge is a community-based Out of Home Respite and Family Support Resource program aimed at preventing children with significant mental health challenges from entering CFS care through scheduled out of home respite in tandem with clinical supports to the family beginning before, during or soon after the child’s respite stay.


Referrals to the resource are for both the out of home respite and clinical support component of the resource.