Posted time June 14, 2022 Location Winnipeg Job type Full-Time

As the initial point of contact for all Youth Crisis Stabilization System (YCSS ) services, the Intake Clinician provides telephone crisis intervention, crisis counseling and triage functions.  This position assesses the nature and extent of the crisis situation and determines appropriate response.


 PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: of the Intake Clinician include, but are not limited to: 


  • Dispatch the Mobile Crisis Teams and supply them with accurate and relevant information regarding the call;
  • Initiate referrals to YES, HBCIS and/or BTT as appropriate;
  • Collect demographic data for statistical purposes;
  • Maintain a daily log of telephone calls and dispatches.
  • Develop a plan of intervention with the client and caregiver to resolve the crisis and minimize the risk to the parties involved;
  • Engage youths families in the treatment process, as needed;
  • Meet regularly with the YCSS Team for the purpose of collaboration and planning;
  • Act as a resource to the Mobile Crisis Team on an as needed basis;
  • Implement existing treatment plans;
  • Assist the team in problem-solving to address youth and family issues.
  • Assume responsibility with regards to training new employees and provide feedback to supervisor on job performance for staff evaluations, as requested;
  • Cross trained to facilitate Clinician duties managing the Crisis Lines;
  • Provide training to Practicum Students assigned to the YCSS department;
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Inter-Agency Consultation

  • Provide triage and referral;
  • Provide consultation to collateral agencies such as Children’s Mental Health, Child and Family Services, schools, and probation.

Crisis Intervention

  • Collaborate with the YCSS Team by providing input to the clinical aspects of case management which involve therapeutic issues, such as intake, treatment plans, support requests and contact with collaterals.


Continuity of Care

  • Participate as a member of the YCSS management team;
  • Work in consultation with other YCSS staff, external agencies, and the YCSS Coordinator to ensure continuity and communication throughout YCSS;
  • Extend consultation whenever possible by sharing YCSS resources and information with other The Link programs;
  • Attend The Link staff meetings and contribute to the overall functioning of The Link by assuming appropriate additional responsibilities as needed;
  • Represent the YCSS program within The Link;
  • Maintain appropriate documentation of all clinical activities;
  • Maintain open communication within the agency and fulfill administrative duties as they are assigned;
  • Maintain clinical/professional development through reading, attending workshops and peer and clinical consultation
  • Participate/facilitate meetings and conferences as directed by supervisor;
  • Perform other tasks and duties as directed by the supervisor, within the context of the Position Summary.

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