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No lies: Getting out of a gang isn’t easy or simple. But others have gotten out and you can too. When you text us, there are people waiting 24/7 to help you find your way out.
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You don’t see the whole story until you’re in deep.


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What is a gang?

Some might say ‘family’ but that’s not the reality. No, a gang is a group who share an identity, name and symbols, and do crimes as told. Because there’s usually higher ups calling the shots – and they don’t care as long as you listen, and they get paid.

How do you know if someone is in a gang?

If you’re in, you know. But if you think someone you know might be, look at who they hang with, changes in how they’re living and specifics like ink or colours. Maybe you’ll come across weapons or drugs. Maybe you won’t.

None of this means someone is in a gang for sure… but together, they start painting a picture. And if you care, call someone to try and figure out how to help before they get in too deep.

What if I’m holding something for someone? What do I do?

Whether it’s drugs or a weapon, if you’re holding something for someone that’s got you shook, text us now. We can help you figure out your next play.

How can I help someone get out?

Short answer: you can’t. All you can do is be there and listen. And if your friend or family want out, get them to text us. Because we have an entire team who’s been down this road. We can help them find the way out.


Drug Trafficking

Maybe you’re running drugs to feed your own habit, feed your roll, or feed your stomach. Maybe you don’t have a choice. You do, though.


Sooner or later, you are gonna be expected to step up and earn your keep. Someone’s gonna get busted up and it could be you.

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Human Trafficking

People aren’t property, but gangs treat them like they are. People get bought, sold, passed around and used up. Life should be worth more than that.



When someone’s got dirt on you, they feel like they can play you. It’s a trap and to get out, you might have to spring it.

This is not a life. Get yours back.

Your text will be confidential and nobody can find out that you’ve reached out for help.